The Federal Prevailing Wage Law (the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931), established the requirement to pay prevailing wages on federally funded projects. The government recognized the need to protect itself from problems created by shoddy work and deplorable working conditions by contractors who were bidding and winning publicly funded jobs on the premise of cheap labor. By establishing a local wage standard on public projects, contractors were forced to compete for work based on wages that “prevailed” in the area.

  • Prevailing wage laws help to ensure a decent standard of living for union and non-union workers alike.
  • Prevailing wage law fosters quality, cost-effective construction and a stable economy in our community.
  • Prevailing wage allows for an extensively trained and highly skilled work force.

Are you being paid the correct wages? Look up Ohio’s prevailing wage rates by county and trade, or email with your county and trade to learn the current prevailing wage rate.